Prenatal Diagnosis + Perinatal Hospice

The rapid explosion of prenatal testing has exceeded the slower rate of ethical advances. But recently, an increasing number of parents who have received a poor prenatal diagnosis are turning to medical teams who can help them make an empowered choice: parenting their child for as long as his or her condition permits.

Selective termination of the child in utero exposes parents to a higher risk of trauma, since it leaves them to deal with their child’s diagnosis and his termination, which was brought about by their own decision. A growing number of families are choosing the alternative: perinatal hospice.

Perinatal hospice is an evidenced-based, multi-disciplinary approach to care for families through the bereavement process over their sick child, ultimately improving the family’s care and long-term health. Mothers and fathers want to parent and care for their child or children; perinatal hospice allows them to do this.