10.07.12: Buddy WalkMen and women with Down Syndrome at a Workshop in B/CS

Gear up to support families and individuals with Down Syndrome! 92% of individuals affected with Down Syndrome are aborted and it’s important to be consistent, and support these individuals at all stages of their lives.


09.25.12: Dr. Maureen Condic on the Beginning of LifeDr. Maureen Condic at University of Utah SOM

Dr. Maureen Condic, a neurobiologist, lectures in embryology at University of Utah SOM. Her main research interests are  the control of neurite outgrowth and axon guidance, but she has also written an excellent white paper on when life begins.


04.26.12: Dr. John Bruchalski with Five Questions on AbortionDr. Bruchalski lecturing at A&M's Health Science Center

Dr. Bruchalski, an OB/GYN who performed abortions during his residency but has since become pro-life, posed five questions:

  1. Why is the abortion rate decreasing?
  2. Why do so few OB/Gyns do abortions?
  3. How did Opinion #385 of the American College of OB/Gyns touch conscience protection?
  4. Is abortion good medicine?
  5. Can physicians provide quality medicine while opting not to performing abortions?

Among other things, our Q&A touched on abortion to save a mother’s life, the words “pro-choice” and “pro-life,” and the rising humanity of the fetus.

If you missed this presentation, take the next opportunity to watch the recording, available publicly on mediamatrix (better audio) and vimeo. Take the opportunity to review the lecturer’s bibliography, and give us your feedback here.